BDJ Fair 2014: Live It Up!

Here's something that every bella is so excited about ~~ the annual BDJ Fair!

This year the BDJ Fair is entitled: Live It Up! Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams! The BDJ Fair is a fun-filled event where they will launch the latest edition of the BDJ Power Planner and raise funds for a good cause. It’s also where bellas all come together to learn, experience and have fun through various talks, booth activities and workshops. We will also get first dibs to the BDJ 2015 Planner for a special fair price of only Php 500.00.

Last year, I had the opportunity to experience what they have to offer and shared it in this post. I had so much fun and guess what, the wish(es) I wrote on their Sharpie wall came true! And so this year, there's no reason for me to miss this fair (pregnant and all). I'll come with my sister, who will be here for the first time. I already registered and got the confirmation through email. If you'd like to pre-register, you can do so by clicking here. Be sure not to miss the fun! :)

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