Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2014

 It was an eventful Sunday for me as I attended this year's installment of Smart Parenting magazine's Baby Shower held at the Crown Plaza Hotel Ruby Room.

I came with my hubby (whom I want to thank as he drive me all the way to Ortigas amidst the Pacquiao-Algeiri fight) but since husbands/companions aren't allowed inside the hall, he just drop me at the event and wonder around the mall while the event is on going. :)

Upon entering the venue, I went straight to the registration area. I was among the few who went early but someone else beat me to snug the early bird prize. hehe
{The registration area.}
 After signing in, we were asked to roam around and check out the products of some major sponsors. They let us in the hall at around 10:30am.


Baby Shopping: Loots From Our Favorite Brands

One of the things I am ecstatic about being pregnant is that I get to shop for our little peanut besides shopping for myself and hubby. There are so many cute things you'll find for your baby so anyone who has been in this situation may warn you to be cautious not to overspend especially at this time of the year where bazaars and sales are emerging from one place to another, one after the other. The question is, HOW CAN YOU RESIST NOT TO BUY A LOT? It's just so E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G. Lols.

As early as September, we got our little peanut his own travel system, via S&R Members' Treat Sale. A series of bargain hunting at a few malls and online stores pursued. We also went to Baclaran to gather tie sides and basic whites, some of the things the baby won't be wearing for too long as he will outgrow them fast. Last month, we attended the Mommy Mundo bazaar to scout a few things but ended up buying a couple of onesies and breastfeeding accessories for me. Also last month, we placed an order on Amazon.com to get our little peanut a few more onesies, breastpump for me and other baby essentials. And just this week (no thanks to port congestion), we finally got them in the mail! Here's a few sneak-peak:

{Our loots from Amazon.com}


Two Bazaars in One Day: Noel Bazaar and Trendsetter's Bazaar

Last Saturday, we were scheduled to go to the Filinvest Tent in Alabang to attend the Noel Bazaar and take a peak of what it has to offer. It has the staple goodies like clothes, food, novelty items and accessories. It did not take us two hours to finish wandering from booth to booth as there are few people to maneuver (hence, less "excuse me po" than usual) and the booths are well-organized.

{Clockwise from Left: Tickets for the Noel Bazaar Swings South (P50.00 entrance); tickets for the Trendsetter's Bazaar (Php 100.00); novelty items found in Trendsetter's Bazaar; creative event styling at the Noel Bazaar for photo op; and some Christmas decors found in Noel Bazaar}
Since we still have a few hours to spare, we decided to drive ourselves straight to the World Trade Center in Pasay City to attend the Trendsetter's Bazaar. We were a bit shock to find that the fair's ambiance is completely different from the calm and well-organized Noel Bazaar. The concessionaires were placed at the entrance so you had to watch out for the hungry and angry people who'd like to buy their food before you could even reach the ticket booth. As soon as you enter the hall, you'll find yourself in a sea of people cramming for the best bargain. It took us about five hours to finish shopping, which I can say is worth all the trouble especially when you're the type who loves bargain. Looking forward to more bazaars coming this year! :)

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Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System

We've been eagerly looking for a nice stroller and carseat as early as September, when I was only about 18 weeks pregnant. As this is our first child, we wanted to get a brand new set for the safety of our baby but it's hard to find an easier-to-use travel system that won't burn our pockets.

One of the trusted brands for baby rides is Graco and we were so ecstatic to find one on sale during the S&R Member's Treat last September.

{The Graco Alano Classic Connect Travel System, which we got for only P7999.95 (compared to it's mall price of about P17,000.00), some beddings and things we got from the sale.}

 The SnugRide that came with the set is one of the best-rated car seats on the market; it's comfortable and easy to install. The seat releases easily from the base and then clicks securely into the stroller, which smoothly traverses bumpy sidewalks or uneven dirt paths.
The child's tray swivels up so you can easily strap in your little one; the stroller harness converts from a five-point to a three-point, which adds to its useful life; cup holders for both parent and child are deep and will hold a latte or a sippy cup without tumbling over – even when the stroller hops over curbs. The storage basket is spacious and can be folded up and down for easy loading. The stroller folds up into a compact shape and stands by itself when folded. To view more information about Graco Travel System, you may go here.

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BDJ Fair 2014: Live It Up!

Here's something that every bella is so excited about ~~ the annual BDJ Fair!

This year the BDJ Fair is entitled: Live It Up! Dance to the Beat of Your Dreams! The BDJ Fair is a fun-filled event where they will launch the latest edition of the BDJ Power Planner and raise funds for a good cause. It’s also where bellas all come together to learn, experience and have fun through various talks, booth activities and workshops. We will also get first dibs to the BDJ 2015 Planner for a special fair price of only Php 500.00.
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