Baby Shopping: Loots From Our Favorite Brands

One of the things I am ecstatic about being pregnant is that I get to shop for our little peanut besides shopping for myself and hubby. There are so many cute things you'll find for your baby so anyone who has been in this situation may warn you to be cautious not to overspend especially at this time of the year where bazaars and sales are emerging from one place to another, one after the other. The question is, HOW CAN YOU RESIST NOT TO BUY A LOT? It's just so E-X-C-I-T-I-N-G. Lols.

As early as September, we got our little peanut his own travel system, via S&R Members' Treat Sale. A series of bargain hunting at a few malls and online stores pursued. We also went to Baclaran to gather tie sides and basic whites, some of the things the baby won't be wearing for too long as he will outgrow them fast. Last month, we attended the Mommy Mundo bazaar to scout a few things but ended up buying a couple of onesies and breastfeeding accessories for me. Also last month, we placed an order on Amazon.com to get our little peanut a few more onesies, breastpump for me and other baby essentials. And just this week (no thanks to port congestion), we finally got them in the mail! Here's a few sneak-peak:

{Our loots from Amazon.com}

{Inside the Amazon.com packages: 5pc onesies from Carters and Philips Avent Single Electric Breastpump}
Mothercare and Baby Company are two of our favorite baby specialty stores to visit. They carry high quality local and imported brands and there's just a wide range of choices.

{Our Mothercare and Baby Company loots. The brown bag contains a Richell inflatable bath tub, which we got from Rustan's.}
And yes, more clothes for the baby! It's just so hard not to buy these cuties especially when they are on sale!
{Baby clothes from Mothercare and Carter's.}
 We also went to a factory sale in Paranaque where we got some more baby clothes, comforters and bedding. Will share those in my future post.

If there's something I've learned about myself, I now enjoy shopping for the baby more than shopping for myself. It may just be one of the many things that will change about you when you become pregnant. :)

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