Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2014

 It was an eventful Sunday for me as I attended this year's installment of Smart Parenting magazine's Baby Shower held at the Crown Plaza Hotel Ruby Room.

I came with my hubby (whom I want to thank as he drive me all the way to Ortigas amidst the Pacquiao-Algeiri fight) but since husbands/companions aren't allowed inside the hall, he just drop me at the event and wonder around the mall while the event is on going. :)

Upon entering the venue, I went straight to the registration area. I was among the few who went early but someone else beat me to snug the early bird prize. hehe
{The registration area.}
 After signing in, we were asked to roam around and check out the products of some major sponsors. They let us in the hall at around 10:30am.
{Baby Care+, which is a Tupperware brand includes baby and kid friendly lotion, cologne and wash.}

Everyone who signed up at the Tupperware Brand stall got the chance to pick a prize. I got a small size Baby Care+ lotion (which is also included in the loot bag).

{ProMama booth where you can get a zip of their maternity milk mixed with pandan and peach concoction.}
{EQ Dry variants on display at the event. No free samples at the booth but a piece is included in the loot bag.}

{The entrance to the Ruby Room where the program proper was held.}

{Table set up with cute feeding bottles and pacifiers. Centerpieces by Tickles & Giggles.}

{Refreshing stage style.}
 The event started by a short story of Smart Parenting's Mia. She is also pregnant, expecting her third child. Then, the first speaker took the stage. Aurelin Fernando, a certified Doula from Gentle Hands Birthing Clinic talked on Newborn Care. She showed us how to properly bath a newborn, how to burp the baby and what to pack for the hospital.

{Speaker Aurelin Fernando, a certified Doula from Gentle Hands Birthing Clinic talks about Newborn Care.}
 I find this topic very interesting as I have zero experience in bathing a baby. My husband got to bathe his younger siblings but with assistance of their mother. I thought it will be nerve-wracking to bathe my own child but thanks to Aurelin, she explained and showed us how simple it can be.

{Different ways of burping the baby.}

After the talk, the lunch was served. Talking to other expectant moms over lunch is a joy to remember. We shared our own experiences, the first few quickening even the time how we discovered we are pregnant.
{Lunch time buffet style}

{Fruit platter}

{My plate.}
 Shortly after lunch, we talked about being healthy and fit before, during and after pregnancy.
{Be healthy before, during and after pregnancy.}
 Then, we also get to know the advantages of Baby sign language. It will make it easy to communicate with our child if they could learn how to sign.
{Guest speaker, Que Gavan, talks about the importance of Baby Sign Language.}
 Apparently, there are some suggested signs to use when teaching your baby the sign language but you can definitely make your own.
{Some suggested start signs for 0-8 months old babies.}

{Tissue Paper Game}
Aside from interesting talks, there are also fun games we all participated in. One of which is the tissue paper game. Each tablemates were to select a representative. The members will then dress up their table representative using a roll of tissue paper. We were also given color pens and tapes to somehow "decorate" and "style" our creation. For each game, winners (and participants) got to bring home a loot from the event's major sponsors.

{Smart Parenting loot bag contents.}
As they say, they won't let anyone go home without a loot. So they gave all of us a stem of rose and a lootbag containing sample of their major sponsors. I also won a minor raffle prize from Tickles and Giggles. Overall, I had fun attending this event. I learned a lot about taking care of my body and our baby, which I will share with hubby. Thank you, Smart Parenting, for having us. More power!

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