LONGCHAMP "Le Pliage" Medium Short Handle in Cyclamen: Authentic or Not?

Bought and won this Longchamp Le Pliage from an eBay seller. The bag seems to be authentic at a glance. It measures just like the original. The leather seems to be ok until you look closely and see the pattern. It has the correct snaps, button says "original", zipper closure, almost the same shade of thread as the original and a convincing care card.

I almost believed that the bag is authentic until I noticed that the stitching is very poorly made. After reading this guide on how to spot a fake LONGCHAMP, I begun to question the bag's authenticity.

Red flags that I found:
Leather pattern is a bit off (almost fish scale-like)
Stamped words at the back is misspelled (it says LE PLIAGE TYPE “M” – MODÈLE DÈPOSÉ)
Stitching isn't as polish as it should be


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